Meet The Owner


My name is Brandi Smith aka the Money Multiplier. I am a Military brat that has made the DMV my home! I work in IT as a project manager, but my true passion is giving people hope in their finances. I created Brandis2Cents because I love seeing people win in their finances. More than just a brand, Brandis2Cents represents a way to confidently build and sustain generational wealth with Faith, Finance, and Forex at the forefront. I believe it is possible to rule money instead of feeling like money rules you. This mindset has always stayed with me and I invite you to join me on YouTube as I continue to share my journey towards financial freedom, along with how you can gain  and maintain additional streams of income. Whether to pay off debt or simply obtain the lifestyle and impact you have always dreamed of, I want to show you its within reach with discipline.

In addition to sharing these principles through my love of forex and Brandis2Cents Apparel, I will also cover budgeting, debt reduction, and investing within my brand.

I have made over 100k in the last 3 years trading forex, and creating different streams of income.  My mission is to give hope to people of all ages and backgrounds in hopes that they too can do the same if not better than me in their financial journey no matter the starting point. I genuinely enjoy seeing the impact this brand brings to the community and I am excited to help more and more people around the world.